Garden designers become scent editors for the home, bringing into the home an evocation of nature, new plant sensations.

Our classic collections

An olfactory journey into the heart of nature

With the creation of its collections of scented plant candles and home fragrances, Abeillus wishes to share its passion for gardens, nature and its assets, between ecology and aesthetics.

The product ranges are developed around a theme or a season with the aim of offering a rich olfactory experience that is respectful of man and the environment.

The scented candle to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Lit or not, it becomes a decorative object bringing a refined touch to your home.

The diffuser allows you to keep a subtle scent for a personal olfactory identity of your spaces. The vaporizer is always at hand for an instant diffusion of your favorite fragrance.

Smell, breathe, feel… nature invites itself into your home.

The company Abeillus

Who are we ?

Our exclusive collections

Jardin de l’Himalaya

A candle for the children of Nepal

Abeillus Fragrances is committed to young people in Nepal alongside the association Crystals Kids. The “Garden of the Himalayas” candle transports us to the heart of the Kathmandu valley where sandalwood and vetiver grow naturally.

For each candle sold, Abeillus Fragrance donates the proceeds:

10€ to the association Crystal Kids

Collection “Les céramiques”

Four candles: “Fire”, “Earth”, “Water” and “Vegetal”

For this collection, Abeillus Fragrances welcomes a renowned ceramist, Catherine Le Baron, to create a collection of exceptional candles. Each piece is unique because it is hand-turned. Catherine has composed each glaze and combined them with the fragrances.

Arts and crafts

Our candles are handmade by wax craftsmen, and our perfumes come from the great houses of Grasse.


Our candles are made of 100% vegetable wax and the wicks are made of cotton.

Made in France

We are committed to cultivating privileged relationships with the largest French institutions.