Candle maker & editor

Abeillus fragrance’s home

Garden designers become scent editors for the home, bringing into the home an evocation of nature, new plant sensations.

Abeillus cultivates the enhancement of artisanal know-how, the candles are handcrafted in France and designed to limit their impact on the environment.

Abeillus is inspired by the plant world and gardens to create scented wax candles of 100% vegetable origin, with cotton wicks and guaranteed lead-free.

Our classic collections

An olfactory journey in the heart of nature

With the creation of collections of vegetable scented candles and room fragrances, Abeillus wishes to share its passion for gardens, nature and its assets, between ecology and aesthetics. The product ranges are developed around a theme or a season with the aim of offering a rich olfactory experience that is respectful of man and the environment.

The scented candle to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere in your home. On or off, it becomes a decorative object bringing a refined touch to your interior. Smell, breathe, feel … nature comes into your interior.


Jardin du Monde

Jardin Rêvé

Jardin en Hiver

Our history

Creators of exceptional gardens, our inspiration comes from the plant world

Specialized in the design and development of beneficial green spaces, our artisans think, design, build and cultivate extraordinary gardens on a daily basis. We draw our inspiration from it to select the most delicate fragrances and create our candles:

French crafts

We defend art and creation. Each object that we shape results from the setting to music of many skills.

We are committed to cultivating privileged relationships with the largest French institutions holding knowledge and knowledge, in various fields such as art, history, nature.

Abeillus and ecology

A fine selection of raw materials for an unprecedented final result

At Abeillus fragrance, our experts carry out meticulous work of constant research for daring raw materials, at the crossroads between the wishes of our consumers, absolute control of the environmental impact and the deep search for well-being.

Engagement et Solidarité

Abeillus fragrance is fully in line with the prerogatives of the social and solidarity economy (SSE). Our banner is focused on the application of strong policies of both sustainable local development, encouragement and full participation of our employees, so that they can “really” act. We are also working to obtain the status of an SSE company, which is fundamental to the values we carry on a daily basis.


Our candles are made of 100% vegetable wax and the wicks are cotton.

Arts and crafts

Our candles are handcrafted by wax craftsmen, and our fragrances come from the great houses of Grasse.


We are committed to cultivating special relationships with the largest French institutions.