The company
Abeillus Fragrance

Passionate about art and nature, we wanted to create an object at the crossroads of the worlds of home, well-being and nature.

Our history

Renowned contemporary artists, but also charitable associations have trusted us to create their personalized “totem” candles, reflections of their philosophy.

The key words of Abeillus fragrance are “creativity, craftsmanship and ecology”. Abeillus fragrance is committed to offering handmade candles made in France. We pay particular attention to the selection of our perfumes, in order to limit their impact on the environment.

Renowned contemporary artists, but also charities have trusted us to create their personalized “totem” candles, reflections of their philosophy.

Our Collections

We have composed 5 collections of candles, “Jardin du Monde”, “Jardin Rêvé”, “Jardin en Hiver”, “Jardin Fleuri”, “Jardin en Été” as many scents inspired by the world of gardens, whether exotic or English, whether it is dreamlike like a Garden of Eden or an invitation to walk on a beautiful winter day when the woody scents perfume the air. Throughout the year, treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers, adorned with roses or lilacs with the “Jardin Fleuri” collection and why not have a candle on the terrace in summer, to repel the “little beasts” without killing them. small pests useful for the balance of the garden but with whom we do not wish to share our meals.

We also offer room sprays and diffusers whose scents were inspired by the infinite resources of the plant world, vanilla for a warm note, cedar for its invigorating side, lily of the valley bringing a bouquet of white flowers, lilac for an enveloping fragrance if comforting or mandarin and its energizing citrus note.


We defend art and creation. Each object that we shape is the result of setting many skills to music.

Arts and crafts

We are a French company, young and dynamic, which cultivates an innovative approach based on the development of artisanal know-how. We have established many links with various craft communities


We are committed to cultivating privileged relationships with the largest French institutions holding knowledge and skills, in various fields such as art, history, nature …


Our candles are shaped with 100% vegetable origin waxes, cotton wicks, lead-free, and we are careful to select our fragrances to minimize their impact on the environment.

Our team

We cultivate the art of working together …

Our past experiences have taught us that beautiful products are born from beautiful harmonies between those who think and realize them. Our team is made up of people who are passionate about the world of home and its fragrances, the world of art and decoration. Our experiences are multiple, international, with a very French spirit, coming from the world of nature, life sciences, the world of creation or well-being. We are writing together the beautiful story of the house Abeillus fragrance made up of wonderful meetings with exceptional people.

Marie-Paule, head of collections, passionate about scents, sensitive to beautiful things, Marie-Paule likes to compose candles and scents in a coherent whole where the exclusive fragrance harmoniously harmonizes with its carefully designed case.