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Jardin de l’Himalaya

For the children of Nepal


Crystal Kids Association

The Crystal Kids association aims to take care of Nepalese children, among the most disadvantaged, from the street or from broken homes, who are victims of violence or sexual abuse.


Nepal is a landlocked country in the Himalayas, bordered by China and India. Nepal has a very wide variety of landscapes, ranging from the humid tropical Terraï in the south to the highest mountains in the world in the north.


The native land of sandalwood is ideally located on the arid slopes of the mountains. It has relatively little contact with the earth because it is an associative shrub that grows by encrusting itself on another tree in the neighbourhood and feeding on its roots, suckers and the surrounding herbaceous plants. Its associative vocation comes from the fact that, even though it is capable of photosynthesis with its own leaves, it lacks essential nutrients that it seeks from others. Santal is symbolically designated as the godfather who helps to grow, without ever imposing the same “heaviness” as dad or mom. He is there only in case of need and lets us grow without judgment, he reframes, helps to give meaning to life, educates and puts us back on the right path without imposing anything.

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