Art & Nature are the heart of ABEILLUS

We defend art, creation and nature. Each object that we create is the result of a combination of many skills. We have at heart to cultivate privileged relationships with the greatest French institutions holding knowledge in various fields such as art, history, botany.

We like to associate with our creations some personalities of the art world, a plastic artist, a master of enamels…

Exclusively French production

We control the entire production chain of our candles; each of the raw materials that make up our products are produced exclusively in France. We produce locally in order to limit CO2 consumption, as well as to support the French economy, our craftsmen and workshops.

It is now possible to consume less. This is why 100% French production is part of a positive, eco-responsible and eco-citizen approach that is essential.

Our craftsmen

The passion of the candle artisan is expressed at each step of the manufacturing process.  The creation of an Abeillus candle is the result of the expertise of its craftsmen, whose meticulous gestures are used on a daily basis, inherited from an ancestral and unique art.

Abeillus Fragrance Candles

The 3 components of a well-made recipe

The essentials for the elaboration of scented candles: the quality and concentration of the fragrance, the expertise of the wax makers, the choice of the wax as well as the wick and a carefully made packaging.

A high quality wax

At Abeillus fragrance, each of our candles is made from a 100%  certified non-GMO wax. Our wax contains no pesticides, no herbicides, no kerosene and no colorants. The wax is natural, biodegradable and offers a perfect reproduction of the scents. Soy wax has a very low melting point. Thus, our candles have a long burning time.

A quality wick

The wick plays a key role in the combustion of the candle. The wick must be adapted to the composition and the diameter of the glass, but also be made of natural fiber. All Abeillus fragrance candles have a 100% cotton wick and are lead-free.

Mastered perfumes

As the flagship element of our scented candles, the perfumes we develop are made exclusively in France. After investigating inspirational places with our noses, we retranscribe all the olfactory identity of these unique places.



Notre équipe est composée de gens passionnés par l’univers de la maison, des parfums, de l’art et de la décoration. Ensemble nous écrivons une belle histoire faite de rencontres merveilleuses avec des personnes d’exception.

Ils nous ont fait confiance