Ecology & society

Studio of vegetal creation

Our creative approach is inspired by the plant world and pays particular attention towards the respect of the environment. We draw our inspiration from the flowers and plants in our gardens to select evocative fragrances and create our home scents. Our mission is to evoke nature and plant impressions in all our creations.

Our origins

Gardens & nature are our source of inspiration

Gardeners and editors of scents, our inspiration comes from the world of plants and gardens.

Our craftsmen think, design, create and cultivate exceptional gardens every day. We are inspired by the olfactory notes of the flowers and plants of these gardens to select the most delicate fragrances and create our scented candles.

Our mission is to bring to your home an evocation of nature and new unique plant experiences.

Our approach

Towards and eco-responsible approach

We are evolving towards an eco-responsible consumer society with a growing awareness of the notion of well-being, caring for ourselves and others. Abeillus is committed to these ecological and social values.

We pay particular attention to the origin of our raw materials; we exclude any use of foreign products and guarantee local, 100% French manufacturing in order to contribute significantly to the reduction of the carbon footprint as well as the development of environmentally friendly products.

Our products

A responsible selection of our reusable boxes

Our wax and fragrances are contained in a reusable glass box that is both elegant and eco-friendly.

Our collection boxes are made from cardboard manufactured from forests certified by the FSC environmental label.

Our candles

Developing products that respect nature

Our products are carefully developed to optimize the raw materials while preserving an excellent delivery of fragrances. Hence, the perfume concentrations are around 10% in a 100% vegetal wax, without GMO, kerosene, dyes or pesticides.

The wick is made entirely of cotton guaranteed lead-free for a completely harmless olfactory journey.



Notre équipe est composée de gens passionnés par l’univers de la maison, des parfums, de l’art et de la décoration. Ensemble nous écrivons une belle histoire faite de rencontres merveilleuses avec des personnes d’exception.

Ils nous ont fait confiance