Social and environmental commitment

ABEILLUS, a company with a mission

Abeillus is a company with a mission, and its approach is in line with the principles of the French social and solidarity economy (SSE).

Our employees are fully involved in the company’s decisions, giving them broad possibilities for action. We want to give our teams and partners the power to act and to make each of our employees feel like they are actively participating within Abeillus.

Sustainable local development

Sustainable and local development is part of our DNA. Each step of the manufacturing process of our products (wax, perfumes, packaging) is made in France.

Moreover, each decision taken within Abeillus is the subject of concerted action by all parties working together in a spirit of collaboration.

Charity support

We donate a portion of the funds collected to charitable organizations to help those in need. For example, we work hand in hand with Crystal Kids and donate 10 EUR for each candle sold on some of our collections.

The Crystal Kids association aims to take care of children in Nepal, among the most disadvantaged, from the street or divided families, victims of violence or abuse.



Notre équipe est composée de gens passionnés par l’univers de la maison, des parfums, de l’art et de la décoration. Ensemble nous écrivons une belle histoire faite de rencontres merveilleuses avec des personnes d’exception.

Ils nous ont fait confiance